Nutricia Flocare Naso-intestinal Tubes

Bengmark Naso-intestinal feeding tubes

The Flocare Bengmark naso-intestinal tube is required for direct feeding into the intestine for a short period of time

Bengmark Naso-intestinal feeding tubes

A complete radio-opaque polyurethane tube with centimeter markings (length 145cm). The Flocare Bengmark Naso-Intestinal tube is designed for trans-nasal feeding directly into the duodenum or jejunum. It is recommended in patents who require tube nutrition medium term and who have (a risk of) impaired gastric emptying.

The Bengmark spiral, placed at the distal end of the tube, has 2.5 loops that are straightened during insertion with a separately packed guide wire. In the Bengmark Naso-Intestinal tube, the spiral additionally eases transpyloric passage (for patients with normal gastric motility).


Available in two Charrière sizes (Ch 8 and Ch10)
Available with ENFit universal funnel connector
Latex and DEHP-free materials
Bengmark spiral, minimising risk of tube dislocation (2.5 loops, ca 23cm at the distal end of the tube)
Hydromercoated tip for easy insertion
Siliconised guidewire with oral connector
4 lateral outlet ports designed to minimise blockages
The Bengmark tube offers fast access to the small intestine, reduced need for endoscopic placement and optimal tube anchoring in the small intestine

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