Nutricia Flocare PEG

Flocare® PEG

The Flocare PEG is a tube directly placed into the stomach, by passing it through the abdomen during a short procedure.

Flocare® PEG

The Flocare® Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy is a set for placement of a gastrostomy tube, based on pull technique. A PEG may avoid discomfort and complications as experienced with a nasogastric tube and may provide increased social acceptance and mobility for the patient on long-term tube feeding.

The PEG is recommended in patients who require tube nutrition long-term and is available in a wide range of Charrières and adjustable in length (Ch 10, 14,18).

Flocare PEG is available with Universal feeding connector, ENFit feeding connector and/or a Flush device.

Follow the Flocare® PEG Guidelines on placement and daily care.


Colour coding of feeding connectors: Ch 10: black Ch 14: green Ch 18: red feeding connectors are also available as separate accessories
Transparent carbothane tube (ch 10, 14 or 18), length 40 cm, with Hydromer-coated tip for easier placement
3 radio-opaque lines
Latex and DEHP-free materials
Silicone external fixation disc: for fixation and kink-free bending of the tube for optimal patient comfort (ERD (External Retention Disc) also available as separate accessory)
Silicone internal radio-opaque retention disc
Quick Release Clamp
Blue safety clamp
Scalpel, punction needle and double pull wire on a spool
Available with Universal feeding connector, ENFit feeding connector and/or a flush device

Additional information

NOTE: Please note that product availability may vary in your country. Please contact your Nutricia Head Office to obtain a list of the Flocare products available in your country.