Nutricia Flocare® PURsoft Tube

Flocare nasogastric tubes are suitable for short term tube feeding into the stomach

Flocare® PURsoft Tube description:

Flocare® PURSoft naso-gastric tubes are suitable for short-term tube feeding (up to a maximum of 6-8 weeks) in the stomach. The tubes are made of comfortable and skin-friendly materials and designed for an optimal feed flow. The tubes are available with and without guidewire (indicated by the "M" or Mandrin symbol), easy-to-insert and the correct tube position can be easily confirmed thanks to the 3 white opaque lines. Flocare nasogastric PUR tubes are made from Polyurethane (PUR), and are offered in a wide range of lengths and charrières. PURSoft tubes require specific handling since the guidewire goes all the way into the closed tip of the tube.


The PURsoft range differs from the PUR range by using a closed tip and a guidewire into the tip, instead of an open tip and a guidewire ending before the first lateral outlet.

Key Features:

Main material:



A ENFit connector
B Transparent polyurethane tube with 3 white radiopaque lines and cm marking
C Lubricated guide wire, with welded ball tip and ENFitconnector
D Closed tip and lateral outlets
E Full radiopaque PUR closed tip

Part Numbers:

DescriptionSKU codeSAP codeEAN code TUEAN code CU
FLOCARE PURSOFT TUBE CH5-40CM5945739457387169005666848716900566677
FLOCARE PURSOFT TUBE CH5-60CM5945749457487169005667078716900566691
FLOCARE PURSOFT TUBE CH6-60CM62154112154187169005558488716900555831
FLOCARE PURSOFT TUBE CH8-60CM5945759457587169005667218716900566714
FLOCARE PURSOFT TUBE M CH8-125CM5945809458087169005668068716900566790
FLOCARE PURSOFT TUBE M CH10-90CM5945769457687169005667458716900566738
FLOCARE PURSOFT TUBE M CH10-110CM5945779457787169005667698716900566752
FLOCARE PURSOFT TUBE M CH14-110CM5945799457987169005667838716900566776