Nutricia Flocare® PUR Tube

Flocare nasogastric tubes are suitable for short term tube feeding into the stomach

Flocare® PUR Tube description:

Flocare® PUR nasogastric tubes are suitable for short-term tube feeding (up to a maximum of 6-8 weeks) in the stomach. The tubes are made of comfortable and skin-friendly materials and designed for an optimal feed flow. The tubes are easy to insert and the correct tube position can be easily confirmed thanks to the 3 white opaque lines. Flocare nasogastric PUR tubes are made from Polyurethane (PUR), and are offered in a wide range of lengths and charrières.


The PUR range differs from the PURsoft range by using an open tip and a guidewire ending before the first lateral hole, instead of a closed tip and a guidewire reaching into the tip.

Key Features:

Main material:



A ENFit connector
B Transparent polyurethane tube with 3 white radiopaque lines and cm markings
C Open tip and lateral outlets
D Lubricated guide wire, with welded ball tip and ENFit connector

Part Numbers:

DescriptionSKU codeSAP codeEAN code TUEAN code CU
FLOCARE PUR TUBE CH5-50CM5945669456687169005665478716900566530
FLOCARE PUR TUBE CH6-60CM5945679456787169005665618716900566554
FLOCARE PUR TUBE CH6-110CM5945689456887169005665858716900566578
FLOCARE PUR TUBE CH8-110CM5945699456987169005666088716900566592
FLOCARE PUR TUBE CH10-110CM5945709457087169005666228716900566615
FLOCARE PUR TUBE CH12-110CM5945719457187169005666468716900566639
FLOCARE PUR TUBE CH14-110CM5945729457287169005666608716900566653
FLOCARE PUR TUBE CH10-130CM61292911292987169005557638716900555756