Nutricia Flocare G-tube

A silicone balloon catheter gastrostomy tube placed directly in the stomach, by passing it through the abdomen

Flocare® G-tube description:

The Flocare® Gastrostomy-Tube (G-Tube), is a balloon tube directly placed into your stomach, by passing it through your abdomen.

Usually, a G-Tube is placed in an already formed stoma, as a replacement of a PEG tube. As with the PEG, the G-Tube is especially suited if you require longer-term enteral feeding. (Re)placing a G-Tube is a simple procedure, that can easily be applied. The Flocare® G-Tube is designed to provide optimal safety during placement and use. In addition, the design and materials are patient-friendly and ensure ease-of-use.

Key Features:

Main materials:

Silicone, Copolyester


The G-Tube is NOT to be used as an initial gastrostomy placement. Nutricia does not recommend this as per our 'Instruction for Use', as the G-Tube is designed as a replacement balloon gastrostomy. Do not overfill the balloon and use sterile water or saline.


A Balloon inflation port. filling volumes:
White CH10 - 3ml | Green CH14 - 5ml | Orange CH16 - 10ml | Red CH18 - 15ml | Yellow CH20 - 15ml
B ENFit connector
C Quick Release clamp to prevent backflow
D Transparent silicone tube with cm marking | length CH10-18: +/-25,5cm | CH20 +/-27cm
E Silicone external retention disc for fixation and kink free bending of the tube
F Silicone internal retention balloon. Tubing in balloon contains a radio opaque line

Part Numbers:

DescriptionSKU codeSAP codeEAN code TUEAN code CU
FLOCARE G-TUBE CH105948149481487169005668208716900566813
FLOCARE G-TUBE CH145948159481587169005668448716900566837
FLOCARE G-TUBE CH165948169481687169005668688716900566851
FLOCARE G-TUBE CH185948179481787169005668828716900566875
FLOCARE G-TUBE CH205948189481887169005669058716900566899