Nutricia Flocare® PEG Tube

The Flocare PEG is a tube directly placed into the stomach, by passing it through the abdomen during a short procedure

Flocare® PEG Tube description:

The Flocare® PEG is an enterostomy tube designed for placement directly into the stomach. A PEG tube is especially suited for tube feeding for a period longer than 8 weeks. The placement of a PEG can only be performed by a physician. A PEG is a discrete tube, placed under the patient's clothes. Patients no longer have to experience potential irritations of the skin around the nose or having a visible tube in their face.


Follow the Flocare® PEG Guidelines on placement and daily care.

Key Features:

Main materials:

Polyurethane, Silicone


A ENFit connector:
CH10: Black | CH14: Green | CH18: Red
B 40cm Transparent polyurethane tube with 3 white radiopaque lines and cm marking
C Quick release clamp
D Safety clamp for tube fixation
E Silicone external retention disc for tube fixation and kink-free bending of the tube, for maximum patient-comfort
F Silicone internal retention disc

Included in the set:
G Scalpel: Blade Nr. 11 with protection sleeve
H Punction needle with trocar
I Pull wire on a spool

Part Numbers:

DescriptionSKU codeSAP codeEAN code TUEAN code CU
FLOCARE PEG SET CH105948209482087169005669438716900566936
FLOCARE PEG SET CH145948219482187169005669678716900566950
FLOCARE PEG SET CH185948229482287169005669818716900566974