Nutricia Flocare® Bengmark Tubes

Flocare Bengmark naso-intestinal tube is required for direct feeding into the intestine for a short period of time

Flocare® Bengmark Tube description:

The Flocare® Bengmark nasointestinal tube is suited for patients that require to be fed directly into the intestine, for a relatively short period of time up to a maximum of 6-8 weeks. The Bengmark tube has a special design that allows the tube to be easily placed in the small intestine, the Bengmark curl ensures an anchoring effect to remain in position. As with the nasogastric tubes, the Bengmark tubes are made of comfortable and skin-friendly materials and designed for an optimal feed flow.

Key Features:

Main material:



A ENFit connector
B Full Radiopaque Bengmark polyurethane tube with cm marking
C Lubricated guide wire, with welded ball tip and oral connector
D Bengmark curl and polyurethane tip with lubrication and closed end, with 2 large lateral holes and 2 small lateral holes

Part Numbers:

DescriptionSKU codeSAP codeEAN code TUEAN code CU
FLOCARE BENGMARK NI TUBE CH8-145CM5948249482487169005670258716900567018
FLOCARE BENGMARK NI TUBE CH10-145CM5948259482587169005670498716900567032