Flocare cuBBy

The Flocare cuBBy™ is a balloon button tube directly placed into your stomach, by passing it through your abdomen. A cuBBy™ is placed in an already formed stoma, as a replacement of a PEG tube. As with the PEG, the cuBBy™ is especially suited if you require longer-term tube feeding. (Re)placing a cuBBy™ is a simple procedure, that can easily be applied.

The cuBBy™ button is designed to be as discrete as possible, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest. In addition, the button’s design and materials enable best possible care for your skin. As with all Flocare tubes, the cuBBy™ button provides optimal safety during placement and use.

The Flocare cuBBy™ is made of silicone and is offered in an extensive range of lengths and charrières.

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