Flocare Feeding Sets

Flocare Feeding Sets are designed to safely and securely connect your tube to your prescribed feed, such as Nutrison and Nutrini Pack or Bottle. They are manufactured with the safest materials for people, and the environment, and are clearly distinguishable because of their lilac colour.

The Flocare Pack Set, connecting to Nutrison and Nutrini Pack, includes the patented pack connector proven to minimize feed contamination, as well as the “connect-first-spike-later” system, simplifying connecting to your tube.

Nutricia also offers Flocare Feeding Sets that connect to (Nutrison) bottles with crown cork and wide-neck, or containers and other collapsible/non-air dependent presentations of enteral feed.

In addition, Flocare Feeding Sets are available with a top-fill bag already attached.

Flocare Feeding Sets are available for pump feeding (with Flocare Infinity, Flocare Infinity+ and Flocare 800) as well as gravity feeding.